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"As an advocate for financial responsibility, I employ the fiscal therapy process to encourage clients to consider financial issues in new ways and from new perspectives." -Marc J. Bernstein, The Fiscal Therapy Solution

Marc Bernstein always had a dream to write a book. In 2018, he finally fulfilled that dream after several years of hard work. The book is titled The Fiscal Therapy Solution 1.0 and it describes the process he has developed over the years by which Marc helps people turn their financial dreams into goals and hopefully reality. The book examines the product-based methodology by which most of the financial services industry has utilized for decades, as it takes a fresh look at the financial planning process.

Marc specializes in helping people accomplish their financial goals.

He guides the creation of personal financial freedom and family legacies for his clients. His unique ability is in developing strategies to solve complexity in his clients' personal & business financial lives. Having grown up in his own family business, Marc has first-hand experience and knowledge regarding planning for closely held business owners.

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A BA in music from the University of Delaware, he also graduated and obtained a Juris Doctor degree from The Ohio State University College of Law, having also attended NYU School of Law. As an attorney, Marc focused on the business sector, primarily the entertainment business with some litigation experience. Having always been interested in goal accomplishment and helping others to reach their personal aspirations, business planning and legacy goals, he decided to enter the financial planning field.

“I get great satisfaction from seeing my clients progress toward their financial and legacy goals.”

The Fiscal Therapy Solution, a method to assist our advisors in gaining a greater understanding of our clients and to tailor plans and implement programs that help pave the way along the road to their financial freedom. 

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