Take Control of Your Financial Future

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Do you find yourself spending too much time worrying about money?

You're not alone-and now, at last, there's a solution.  Follow an easy to read, step by step guide to transforming your finances and your relationship to money, in The Fiscal Therapy Solution.

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"We put the process first, helping people figure out who they are and what they want... then we talk about what you need to do to get to where you want"  -Marc J. Bernstein

Marc J. Bernstein reveals his unique approach to financial planning

Goals and dreams become reality not only by tackling the numbers, but also by never losing sight of what's important...

Getting the most out of life!

The Fiscal Therapy approach represents a powerful means for thinking about money in a positive new way.

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"If you have a clear picture in your mind of the future you want, then you’re more likely to complete all necessary steps to get there. This is integral to fiscal therapy." -Marc J. Bernstein, The Fiscal Therapy Solution